The best songs that are sung in football stadiums

When you decide to visit a football match the big thing is off course the level of the players, teams and the match itself. But almost just as important is the atmosphere and excitement that the supporters create. The songs that the fans sing in the stands are a huge part of the spectacle of experiencing a football match in Europe. Without the atmosphere the feeling just won’t be the same.

The atmosphere is mainly created by the chants and the songs that the fans create and sing, all for the love of their team. Some fans even go as far as paying for tickets for the atmosphere and not the game itself. But it’s easy to understand why as the chants and songs can inspire players do to more then what even the most fanatic supporter could hope for. Maybe a specific chant helps a player complete a tackle from nowhere, or even better, a goal that no one saw coming. It happens every week. In this article we will explore the top ten chants used in football stadiums. These chants are great, no matter if you are a die-hard fan of the team or not.

“Hala Madrid” – Real Madrid’s anthem of passion

“Hala Madrid” is the rallying cry of Real Madrid fans. These two words, which mean “Go Madrid”, are sung by the entire Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The chant represents the incredible passion that Real Madrid fans have for their team. It shows the greatness and pride associated with the club from the Spanish capital.

“You’ll never walk alone” – The emotional power of Liverpool

“You’ll never walk alone” is one of the most legendary anthems in the world and it can be heard echoing all over Anfield. This iconic song evokes a sense of unity, encouragement and solidarity. It’s enough to send shivers down your spine! The powerful lyrics create an emotional atmosphere and really does help the players outperform themselves. The song represents the spirit of Liverpool, and it would be a huge surprise if there is another football song in the world that has had as many people cry as “You’ll never wall alone”.

“Sara Perché Ti Amo” – AC Milans passionate love song

Adapted from a romantic song from the 1980s, “Sara Perché Ti Amo” is a song often sung by AC Milan fans at the start of the match. It expresses the fans’ deep love and devotion to their team and warms them up to support the players throughout the match.

“You’re my heart, You’re my soul” – Borussia Dortmund anthem

This song if often sung by Borussia Dortmund fans. Imagine what it might sound like at the stadium when fans, who for a long time have been recognized as the loudest in Europe, sing this song together. Adapted from a popular song from the 1980s, it expresses the fans’ love and passion for their club. This song ignites the Signal Iduna Park and makes it impossible for the players not to be energized.

“You’re not singing anymore” – Fan teasing

Not all songs are meant to cheer for “your” team. Some songs are meant to tease opposing fans when they concede a goal. Classic banter, in other words. The lyrics are simple, and they go “You’re not singing anymore” and if you watch the fans sing it you can see the smirk in their faces. This song adds to the rivalry, and you can be sure that the electricity and atmosphere increases tenfold.

“Seven nation army” – The catchy riff

The recognizable riff of “Seven nation army” by rock band The White Stripes has become a popular chant in many football stadiums over the years. Fans most often sing the notes of the riff at the start or end of a match. The song is as useful for galvanizing the stadium as it is for celebrating your team’s victory.

“We Will Rock You” – Queen’s stadium energy

This song by Queen is often used in stadiums to galvanize fans. The drumbeats and handclaps echoing throughout the stadium will send shivers down your spine. The spellbinding atmosphere will unite the fans as they happily sing along to the iconic lyrics of this timeless song.

“Free from desire” – The euphoria of victory

“Free from desire” is one of the world’s best-known chants across all sports. To its catchy tune and legendary chorus, football fans all unleash their joy to celebrate their team’s victory. There are many versions of the song in football, including one that Irish fans are particularly fond of and sing when their national team plays.

“Viking Clap” – The power of Icelandic fans

The “Viking Clap” is more of a choreography than a song, but I can be categorized as such because it gives as much, if not more, courage to the players. It was first used by supporters of Iceland’s national team and it’s well-known because of their unconditional support. The synchronized clapping creates a captivating, almost hypnotic atmosphere. One of the best compliments in life is when someone is mimicking something you do, and the “Viking Clap” has been mimicked by fans of other nations, and club sides for the matter, all over the world. Cudos, Iceland.

The songs and chants you year in and around football stadiums are so much more than just catchy melodies. From iconic melodies such as “Hala Madrid”, You’ll never walk alone” and “Sara Perché Ti Amo”, to energetic songs like “Seven Nation Army” and “We Will Rock You”, but also unique ones like “Viking Clap”. All of these represent the diversity and passion of football. They represent the soul of football and each of these chants and songs creates a different atmosphere. But they have things in common – mainly the fact that they unite thousands of people around the same passion. These songs that the fans sing together creates unforgettable moments all over Europe.

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