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Football trip

Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain
10 Reviews

Football trip
Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain
10 Reviews Paris Saint-GermainParis Saint-Germainhttps://assets.travelgroep.nl/images/83904/83904.png4.51005

Tip! Make sure you have a valid ticket. + Read more

With FootballBreak you are assured of ‘paper tickets’ or ‘e-tickets’. Other types of entrance tickets can cause many problems.
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Ligue 1

Paris Saint-Germain - Le Havre AC

Saturday 27 Apr 21:00
Confirmed date
Le Parc des Princes, Paris
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Champions League

Borussia Dortmund - Paris Saint-Germain (CL)

Wednesday 1 May 21:00
Confirmed date
Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund
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Champions League

Paris Saint-Germain - Borussia Dortmund (CL)

Tuesday 7 May 21:00
Confirmed date
Le Parc des Princes, Paris
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Ligue 1

Paris Saint-Germain - Toulouse FC

11 or 12 May  
Le Parc des Princes, Paris
Money Back Guarantee
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Experience a football trip to Paris Saint German F.C.

Book your football trip to Paris Saint Germain F.C. Easily, in four clicks

Book your complete football trip to Paris Saint Germain F.C., easily customised. Select which match, hotel and seat conveniently in one place. No booking fees.

Witnessing a live PSG match is an unforgettable experience. The PSG stadium is one of the top-five largest in France, with a capacity of 47,929. At PSG, you’ll only find players of the highest level; and this is the principal reason fans book this football trip.

PSG’s slogan is “Paris est magique!”, which in English means “Paris is magic”: a feeling you’re bound to recognise when entering the stadium during your football trip. However, you won’t just get this sensation in the stadium.

Paris is a special city. It’s sometimes called “La Cité de la Lumière”, which means “The City of Lights”. Few other capital cities have as much class and glamour as the city of Paris. With its world-famous culture, the promenades in the many parks, and charming wine bars among other things…

In short: Paris is the perfect destination for a city break!

With FootballBreak, you’re guaranteed tickets next to each other in the Parc des Princes stadium.

PSG football break

Everything you need to know about your football trip to Paris

We’ve tracked down the best tips for you, ensuring your football trip to Paris goes as pleasantly and smoothly as possible. From insider tips on the Parc des Princes football stadium, to great advice on exploring the magical city of Paris.

  • Information about Parc des Princes, route & tips
  • Information about Paris Saint Germain
  • What to do in Paris

Parc des Princes, Paris’s legendary football stadium

Parc des Princes PSG stadium

Paris plays all its home games in the modern Parc des Princes stadium.

However, we should take the word “modern” with a pinch of salt. Construction of this stadium was completed in 1972. That means compared to the construction of other stadiums, PSG can certainly say its home base is among one of the most modern in Europe.

However, clubs with older stadiums are starting to make plans to modernise; meaning it might be wise for PSG to do the same in the near future. Image is, of course, extremely important in the football world.

The stadium currently has a capacity of 47,929 spectators, and is covered.

If you go and attend a Paris match, you’ll no doubt be surprised by how friendly the atmosphere is there. Seeing a football match in a global city such as Paris really is an experience to strike off your bucket list.

The gates of Parc des Princes open 1.5 hours before the match commences.

How to get to Parc des Princes?

PSG’s modern football stadium is located in the west of the city in the Prince-Marmottan district, around ten kilometres from the centre.

Public transport in Paris is reasonably well organised. There are various metro trains and buses taking you to Parc des Princes.

However, we don’t recommend going to Parc des Princes by car or taxi.

Paris is a global city. That means it’s hard to predict how long you’ll be in a taxi. For instance: a taxi from Gare du Nord to Parc des Princes normally costs around €25 to €30 for a 25-minute trip.

However, on match days you might have to be in the taxi for longer. This of course then also leads to the price being higher. Bear in mind that this might well reach up to €50 or €60.

Opt instead for using public transport!

By Metro to Parc des Princes

Without a doubt, the best way to get to Parc des Princes is by metro.

If you’re coming from central Paris, you can take the green line 9. Final station: Porte de Saint-Cloud. This is around a five-minute walk to the wonderful Parc des Princes stadium.

The adventurous among us can also take the yellow line 10. This runs through Paris’s south bank. Final station: Porte d’Auteuil. Around a ten-minute walk to the stadium.

Parc des Princes address details
24 Rue du Commandant Guilbaud
75016 Paris


If you’d like to get to Parc des Princes by bus, you can take the following lines: 22, 62 and 72.

These lines all stop in Saint-Cloud. This stop is around a five-minute walk to the stadium.

Again, for adventurous types: Buses 32 and 52 run to the stop Porte d’Auteuil. From this stop, it’s under a ten-minute walk to PSG’s stadium.

If it’s got late after the PSG match, there’s no need to worry. Simply catch the night bus, running between 0:30 5:30 in the morning. That’s a whole night out. You can take one of the following lines: N12.

Plattegrond Parc des Princes

To give you an idea of which tickets you should purchase for the best seats in the Parc des Princes for your football trip: This is a special stadium. For the most part, it is subdivided into four sides and three levels.

However, the Tribune Borelli stand – which is in the south – has four levels.

The stands in the Parc des Princes stadium are:

  • East side, also known as Tribune Paris. Located on Avenue du Parc des Princes. Here there are three levels: seats 101 to 110, seats 301 to 310 and seats 404 to 407.
  • West side, also known as Presidential Tribune. Located at Rond-Point Place de l’Europe. There are four levels here, and it’s also where you’ll find the premium seats. The other seats you’ll find here are: 115 to 125, 218 to 222, 315 to 325 & 417 to 423.
  • North side, Tribune Auteuil. Located on Avenue du Parc des Princes. Here you’ll find seats 111 to 114, 311 to 314, 411 & 414.
  • South side, Tribune Boulogne.  This is where away supporters sit. Don’t worry: the away supporters sit in their own section, in the upper tier.

Note: Away supporters sit in the corner in the northwest of the stadium, between Tribune Auteuil and Presidential Tribune.

If you’re booking your football trip with us, you’re always ensured tickets on at least the third tier. Tickets are subdivided into a number or categories. See the picture.

Paris Saint German stadium map

Stadium tour around Parc de Princes

No football trip to Paris is in fact complete without booking a tour of the wonderful Parc des Princes.

During the Stadium Tour, you’re taken on a tour through this club’s intriguing past. Audio tours can only be taken using PGS’s mobile app, which can be downloaded from the App Store & Play Store.

Available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

You follow a pre-determined route along which you get to explore all the way from the top of the stands to the reserve bench, famous VIP boxes, as well as the PSG players’ changing room. You then pay a visit to the history room, where you can marvel at the glorious trophy wall.

Please note: There are no tours during PSG match days. Tours start up again the day following match days, in the afternoon.

A normal tour costs €24.90. For children under 13 and senior citizens over 65, it costs €14.90.

Stadium tour during your PSG football break

Snacks and drinks close to Parc des Princes

Before attending a PSG match, it’s really nice to go for a bite to eat and a drink around Parc des Princes.

Les Princes, for instance, is a typically stylish French restaurant that’s not far from the stadium.

If it’s a football bar you’re looking for, head for Les Deux Stades. This happens to be really close to the Parc des Princes stadium.

Les Princes

A unique experience for lovers of French cuisine. Here they serve a range of stylish and chic dishes. You can’t get more French! From French wines bursting with flavour, to a glorious steak saignant.

This place really gets you in the mood before your PSG match kicks off. The staff are extremely friendly, and they’ll always serve you with a smile!

Les Princes closes its doors at 2:00 am daily.

Les Deux Stades

A must for PSG football aficionados. Here you’ll find very reasonably priced French dishes, and the enthusiastic football-fan atmosphere make this the perfect start to your evening.

Information about Paris Saint Germain

Surprisingly enough, PSG is not such an old club.

The club was founded in August 1970. PSG is in fact the result of a merger between Paris Football Club and Stade Saint-Germain. As you’ve probably guessed: a group of businessmen were behind this. The intention was to establish a club for the elite.

When news of this new club became known in Paris, the celebrations were extensive. Finally, after all those years, there was a major club with huge potential. For Parisians, this historic moment was absolutely front-page news.

That huge potential was realised: in 1972, PSF was promoted to the highest class in French football, the Ligue 1. Their enormous success meant the club relocated to a new site: the legendary Parc des Princes stadium.

Nowadays, PSF has become a superpower in French football. They’ve attracted a whole host of top players throughout the years, such as Zlatan Ibrahimović, Neymar and Sergio Ramos.

And the icing on the cake is that they’ve performed one of the most legendary transfers for one of the most legendary players of all times: Lionel Messi.

Leo Messi has never played for any club other than FC Barcelona. So grab the opportunity to witness this legend play in his brand-new football shirt in Paris!

The PSG logo

PSG’s logo as we now know it was designed in 2013. Since then, it has remained unchanged.

The logo is abundantly clear: the proud Eiffel Tower in the centre, the name “Paris” in large letters and the royal, golden lily.

Fun fact: the golden lily symbolises royal power in France.

What to do in Paris?

Paris is a global city through and through. Fantastic for football, but also the perfect choice for a city break or long weekend.

The charismatic, amorous atmosphere, the charming terraces and – to top it all – the Eiffel Tower, invite you to visit. French cuisine always has something romantic in store, such as a red wine with a coq au vin.

That means if you’re visiting the city for a PSG match, there’s plenty of things to do for the rest of your stay. These are our favourite hangouts in Paris.

Pont Alexandre III + Les Invalides

Pay a visit to this famous Parisian bridge. It connects the ChampsÉlysées with Les Invalides, and the Eiffel Tower.

This bridge is wonderful, both during the day and at night. It’s considered the most extravagant bridge in Paris!


Take a peek into Paris’s most iconic building – Eiffel Tower, the 317-metre-high metal structure.

Opened for the world exhibition in March 1899, after only two years and two months of construction.


Pay a visit to this amazing basilica. Take the funicular to the top of the hill.

Top tip: visit the Sacré-Cœur for a fantastic panoramic view of the city of Paris. Charm here is guaranteed. Lots of street musicians make their way to the Sacré-Cœur to win over the hearts of all the tourists.

Pont Du Gard

The famous bridge in Paris where thousands of couples have attached their padlocks, to secure their love for each other forever.

If you’re going to Paris with your partner, visiting this bridge is definitely worth it. Don’t forget your padlock and key!

How do I buy PSG tickets?

You can book tickets to watch PSG with us! We will help you organise all you need to have the best football trip to Paris.

Where is the best place to book football trips to PSG?

The best place to book football trips to watch Paris Saint Germain is through FootballBreak.co.uk. Our platform offers all you need to plan the perfect trip. Select from a long list of matches, a wide range of hotels, and where you would like to sit in the stadium. Most importantly, we ensure you and your party sit together.

What does a football trip to PSG cost?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on many factors. To highlight this, it can cost as little as £161 per person to travel to Le Parc des Princes. However, it can also cost as much as £700 per person if you decide to go all out. Bear in mind that the price of a trip is heavily dependent on details such as:

  • Who PSG is playing. For example, a match against Olympique de Marseille is more expensive than other matches.
  • How long you decide to stay in Paris. The longer your stay, the more expensive it becomes.

Can you enter Les Parc des Princes for free?

If you are referring to doing a stadium tour, only children under five can enter for free. Anybody older will need to pay for a ticket. The price of the ticket is dependent on your age. Here is a full list of prices:

  • Adult – £21
  • Child – £12.76
  • Senior Citizen – £12.76 If you would like to visit the PSG stadium on your trip, we suggest you stay in the city an additional day. Often, stadium tours are limited on match days.

Are flights included in the PSG travel package?

We include flights in some of our PSG football trip packages. We will indicate when a package includes a flight. If you do not select your departing airport, the package does not include flights.


9.1 10 Reviews

Paris Saint-Germain - Nantes
10 Superb

Amazing trip…. We got this trip for our daughter for Christmas. She loves football and being able to see Mbappe and Messi play together was a dream come true for her. We watched the match Saturday night and then did the stadium tour Sunday. The hotel was lovely but quite far away from everything. Had an amazing time and one very happy daughter


Tip: Use the metro and buses. Taxis are very expensive to


Beech (Mum dad and daughter)
Paris Saint-Germain - Nantes
4 March 2023
Paris Saint-Germain - Toulouse FC
10 Superb

The package was fantastic 10/10 I was meant to go in January 2022 but restrictions in France pushed that back football break allowed me over a year voucher due to the circumstances. But wow was it worth the wait the hotel was lovely and in a nice cozy location with the flight was great no problems at all with either went smoothly and the tickets were sent on the Friday morning and the game was Saturday 5pm (they sent it as soon as they received them). Every time emailed or called prior to the trip the staff were always helpful and put me at ease I called, I called the morning Just before being sent the tickets and the staff were very very helpful what a fantastic trip and top notch service seeing Messi play was my dream and I did as well as him scoring!! Would 100% recommend this service everything was smooth!! Thank you so much football break.




Paris Saint-Germain - Toulouse FC
4 February 2023
Paris Saint-Germain - Montpellier HSC
8 Very good
FBT031366 (1)

We witnessed history- Cavani got his record breaking goal this weekend and we were there.
The hotel footballbreaks recommended was incredibly convenient for both the PSG stadium as well as sightseeing.
This was well worth the money and footbreaks made it stress free with regular communication, clear instructions and valuable tips!
Thank you!

E. Adams, 2 persons
Paris Saint-Germain - Montpellier HSC
27 January 2018
Paris Saint-Germain - AS Monaco
9 Superb

The overall pack was great value for money which included flights, hotel and match tickets. The match tickets were in a great part of the stadium and the atmosphere was outstanding. The service from football breaks was second to none once again. My self and son love Paris and had time to visit all the sites.




Tip: Try and take some time to visit city sites and landmarks.

R. Appleby, 2 persons
Paris Saint-Germain - AS Monaco
12 January 2020
Paris Saint-Germain - Toulouse
8.3 Very good

Paris is a wonderful City & lots to see & do (we stayed 4 nights). Our hotel, very near to the Eiffel tower was excellent and the metro system easy to use. However, the highlight was seeing PSG - the atmosphere at the stadium was the best I've ever been to & to see a 4-0 win was brilliant. After the game, it was easy to use the metro to get back to the hotel. The service offered from Football break was great from beginning to end. Id highly recommend!


Tip: Pre-book all major attractions - especially the Eiffel Tower to save queuing.

D. Smith, 2 persons
Paris Saint-Germain - Toulouse
25 August 2019
Paris Saint-Germain - OGC Nice
8 Very good




S. Jones, 3 persons
Paris Saint-Germain - OGC Nice
4 May 2019
Paris Saint-Germain - AS Monaco
10 Superb

Great service from start to finish and everything went as hoped. Excellent atmosphere in the stadium with great seats and view. Would certainly use again and already planning where to go next.

Tip: Relax and enjoy the break, everything will go to plan.

Mr. Ogg, 2 persons
Paris Saint-Germain - AS Monaco
15 April 2018
Paris Saint-Germain - RC Strasbourg
9 Superb

The package was excellent value. The hotel was fairly basic, very small rooms and poor breakfast. Being on a main road meant it was noisy during the night. However we enjoyed the trip the game and stadium were great.

Tip: Yes take plenty of money. Paris is hideously expensive. 
M. Shaxon, 2 persons
Paris Saint-Germain - RC Strasbourg
17 February 2018
Paris Saint-Germain - FC Nantes
9.7 Superb

Service was excellent had a phone to say that there was a problem with tickets that they needed to be printed. however they had sent the tickets to our hotel and everything was fine. Seats were perfect at the stadium. Booking the trip through the website was quick and simple will use again.


Anonymous, 2 persons
Paris Saint-Germain - FC Nantes
18 November 2017
Paris Saint-Germain - Toulouse
8.7 Very good

Everything ran very smoothly so impressed with FootballBreak.co.uk. Paris is a great city, we had a great time. French crowd not as noisy as others we've visited e.g Rome.

Darren Brown from Brighton, 3 persons
Paris Saint-Germain - Toulouse
21 February 2015