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Football trip

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

Football trip
Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

Tip! Make sure you have a valid ticket. + Read more

With FootballBreak you are assured of ‘paper tickets’ or ‘e-tickets’. Other types of entrance tickets can cause many problems.
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Witnessing a live “die Bayern” match is an unforgettable experience. The Munich stadium is one of the largest in the world, with a capacity of 75,024. You’ll only find the highest calibre of players at Bayern Munich: which is a major reason for many fans to book this football trip. The FC Bayern slogan is “Mia San Mia”, which translates into English as “We are what we are”; a feeling you’re bound to recognise when entering the stadium during your football trip. Few clubs in the world are able to rival the incredible atmosphere you’ll feel in this wonderful stadium. With FootballBreak, you’re guaranteed tickets next to each other in the Allianz Arena.

Munich is the perfect destination for a city break, with warm summers and winters cold but full of character. A city where you can experience the full four seasons. There are also plenty of inviting restaurants, typical German bars and immense Christmas markets in wintertime. In short, Munich is the ideal location for your football trip.

Everything you need to know about your football trip to Munich

We’ve tracked down the best tips for you, ensuring your football trip to Munich goes as pleasantly and smoothly as possible. From insider tips on the Allianz Arena football stadium, to great advice on exploring the wonderful city of Munich.

  • Information about Allianz Stadium, route & tips
  • Information about FC Bayern Munich
  • What to do in Munich

Allianz Arena, Bayern München’s impressive football stadium

FC Bayern plays all of its home games in the temple of football, Allianz Arena. The stadium currently has a capacity of 75,024 spectators, and is uncovered.

Attending an FC Bayern game means you’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful stadium, which opened in 2005. The outside of the stadium can be fully illuminated – in red for Bayern matches – resulting in fantastic photographs, particularly when it’s dark.

The Allianz Arena gates open two hours before the game, giving you ample time to soak up the atmosphere during your visit.

How to get to the Allianz Arena?

Bayern Munich’s football stadium is located in the north of the city in the Fröttmaning district, around 35 kilometres from Munich’s central station. Munich’s public transport system is well-organised, with plenty of buses and trains stopping at the stadium.


Unlike with many other stadiums, getting to the Bayern Munich match by car is a real option, with the Allianz Arena providing more than 10,000 parking spaces. On match days, tickets still only cost a reasonable €10. You can reserve in advance, to be sure to have a space.


There are two metro lines in Munich that can take you to the Allianz Arena:

U6, Sindlinger Tor to Fröttmaning

With line U6, you must get off at Fröttmaning. This is also the line running from the centre of Munich. You can get off at the following stops:

  • Marienplatz
  • Universität
  • Studentenstadt

These stops are around a fifteen-minute walk away from the Allianz Arena.


If the weather’s nice, you could also go to the match by bike, rented or otherwise. The routes for this are clearly indicated in Munich, and there’s special bicycle storage at Busparkplatz Nord, right next to the entrance.

Allianz Arena address
Allianz Arena
Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 25
80939 München, Germany

If it’s got late after the FC Bayern Munich football match, there’s no need to worry. Simply catch the night bus running until 1:31 in the morning. You can take the U6 metro for this purpose.

Allianz Arena plan

To give you an idea of which tickets you should purchase for the best seats in the Allianz Arena for your football trip: the stadium is subdivided into five categories, executive seats and three different areas.

The tiers in the Allianz Arena are

  • West stand, also called one of the short sides. Here you’ll be able to choose from categories 3, 4 and 5 (standing).
  • East stand, the other short side. Here you’ll also find category 3, 4 and 5 (standing).
  • North stand, one of the long sides. This is where categories 1 and 2 are located. You’ll also find the executive seats here, with these being found on this side only.
  • South stand, the other long side. Here you’ll only find categories 1 and 2. This is where away supporters sit. Don’t worry: the away supporters sit in their own section.

Each of these sides is further subdivided into three areas. If you’re booking your football trip with us, you’re ensured tickets from category 1 to 4 inclusive at all times. Tickets are subdivided into a number or categories. See the picture.

Allianz Arena football tickets: how to know where you’re sitting?

Once you’ve booked your football trip to Allianz Arena and received your match tickets, your ticket will display what’s below. Here’s a brief explanation of how the football tickets for FC Bayern Munich work.

Block (section), you now arrive onto the walkway of Allianz Arena. There are various entrances providing access to your seat. Pay close attention to your number.

Reihe (which row), once you’re inside the stadium, look for your “Reihe”. This is simply your row.

Platz (your seat), the final thing before kick-off is finding the right seat. Note that the seat numbering might not be like what you’re used to. There are only odd or even numbers for each row: with numbers going up from seat 2, 4 to 6, etc. Or otherwise from seat 1, 3 to 5, etc. Enjoy the match!

FootballBreak does not sell individual ticket match tickets. You can, of course, come to us for the complete football trip.

Allianz Arena tour

No football trip to Munich is in fact complete without booking a tour of the stadium. During the “CombiTour”, you’re taken on a tour through this club’s fantastic past. You’re led around by a trained guide. You follow a predetermined route of around 45 minutes, along which you can check out features such as the players’ changing rooms, you walk through the players’ tunnel (impressive), dugout, the press box from reporting is performed, you get a glimpse of the VIP boxes, and of course you visit the museum. There are sometimes queues and it might be half an hour before you can start the tour. There is no specific time associated with the tour, and you can spend just as long as you want, up to three hours before kick-off.

Please note: the museum closes three hours before the match starts on Bayern match days, and it might be the case that certain elements cannot be accessed. We therefore recommend doing the tour on a day other than match days.

A normal tour costs €19. For children aged 6 to 13, the price is €11. Younger children (aged up to 5) can enter free of charge.

Catering in and around Allianz Arena

Before attending a Bayern Munich match, it’s nice to go for a bite to eat and a drink in the area surrounding the Allianz Arena. The stadium dates back to 2005 and is often the case nowadays, isn’t located in the centre. However, in the stadium itself you’ll find plenty of great catering options where you can enjoy the atmosphere, and good food and drinks.

Paulaner supporters bar

The Paulaner supporters’ bar is the place to come for a drink before, during and after the match. It is named after the beer brand. You’ll find these bars in both the north and south stands of the Allianz Arena, meaning a refreshment among the Bayern fans is never far away. If you’re feeling hungry, take along a tasty Bavarian speciality with you such as a pretzel, roast pork or meat loaf.

Arena Bistro

Also found on Bayern Munich’s grounds is the Arena Bistro; A cosy and inviting place for kicking off your match day with a sandwich or a pizza. You’ll also find a wide variety of beers here. The bistro is open daily, from 9:00 to 23:00.

Information about FC Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich was founded in 1900 by a group of MTV 1879 Munich sports-club members. This was done because they’d got tired of their own club, and wanted to form a new, more successful club together. Enter Bayern Munich.

This young club had already achieved its first success in 1926, after winning the South Germany Championship. It was only then that Bayern Munich really started to be viewed as formidable competition. The club went on to clinch its first Germany national title six years later in 1932, by beating Eintracht Frankfurt.

From the 1960s onwards, Bayern Munich boasted a strong team featuring legendary players such as Sepp Maier, Gerd Müller and Franz Beckenbauer. Bayern won title after title and championship after championship during this period. Because the team had had such success in the 1960s and 70s, they were considered one of Germany’s most successful football clubs. ‘Der Rekordmeister’ (The Record Champion) is now their famous nickname, referring to the fact Bayern is by far Germany’s top football club.

FC Bayern Munich logo

The logo of Bayern Munich underwent its first serious facelift back in 1954, with the colours of the Bavaria region also first being introduced at that time. This is why Bayern fans are sometimes known as “Bavarians”.

The Emblem has been updated since then – the last time being in 2017 – although the core remains unchanged. It’s still round in shape, and the colours are by and large the same: blue, white and red. What’s different with the new logo is that the surrounding red line is now blue. The line around the logo was still red in 1954.

Die Roten, what does that actually mean?

Bayern fans are usually referred to as ‘Die Roten’ in Germany, literally meaning The Reds. The root of this is simply down to the Bayern Munich club shirt being red. Bayern was also sometimes known as FC Hollywood in the distant past. This is due to the club lacking discipline at the time and had internal issues, with Germany’s tabloids then coming up with the name.

What to do in Munich?

Munich is a large city that’s brimming with culture. Fantastic for football, but also the perfect choice for a city break or long weekend. The seasons, the inviting pavement cafés and beer cellars, while the icing on the cake are the many restaurants where you can sample typical German dishes, enhancing an amazing experience. German cuisine always has something in store, such as a currywurst washed down with a large beer. That means if you’re visiting the city for a FC Bayern Munich match, there’s also plenty of things to do for the rest of your stay. These are our favourite hangouts in Munich.

Cuvilliés Theater

Check out this wonderful theatre, which once played host to Napoleon. If you’re a classical music buff, this is certainly worth a visit!


Treat your tastebuds in Munich’s magnificent centre. This place is crammed with fine restaurants and great cafés, with bands often playing live music; giving it its unique character.


Take a pleasant stroll along with the family around the Christmas market during the winter months. You’ll find everything here, from warming mulled wine to delicious hot chocolate.

BMW Museum

If you’ve never been to Munich before, the BMW museum is worth a visit. An iconic piece of Germany.

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