Football trip: Is it worth it?

It is worth seeing a football match at least once in your life, regardless of whether you like football. Travelling to see a football match in the stadium is more exciting than ever before, and there are a few good reasons for that. Along with watching your favourite team play, you also get a chance to discover the local culture of your destination with a football trip. Unsure of what to do for your next trip? Why not go on a football trip with us?

Football match atmosphere

As soon as you enter the stadium, you are drawn in by its electrifying atmosphere. Whether it’s the fresh snacks or the sound of horns and drums, everything about the event is designed to immerse you in the game-day atmosphere. Football events are always better experienced live than on television. Seeing the crowd cheering is something special!

There is no better example of this than Borussia Dortmund’s famous ‘Yellow Wall’. This section of the stadium is reserved for club’s most vocal fans. Former Dortmund star, Christian Pulisic summed up his experience of playing in front of the Yellow Wall week-in and week-out as “something you can’t explain”. Quite simply, seeing the Yellow Wall celebrating a goal is one of the most incredible sights in football – and that’s just on television. Can you imagine being part of the action yourself?

Another option for you if you’re looking to go on a football trip to experience the roar of the crowd is Anfield – the home of Liverpool FC. Seasoned football manager Harry Redknapp was once quoted as saying that there is no greater sight in football than the crowd at Anfield. And, it’s a claim that is arguably true. There is truly nothing like being in the stands next to die-hard fans spinning their red and white scarves, singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” An experience like this shouldn’t be missed. It’s amazing to be in such an electric atmosphere. You need to be there to believe it!

Connect with friends and fans

It is all about being one with the crowd when it comes to football. You can meet new friends who share your interests while watching a sports match. During a football game, you have plenty of opportunities to reach out to the people sitting next to you and start a conversation. Or you have the opportunity to meet football fans at the local pubs near or at the stadium.

Take Barcelona, for instance. The city is filled with football pubs. One such example is Futballarium: a unique pub for football fans. This bar’s owner is a huge football fan and has lavishly decorated his bar with shirts and scarves from various football teams from all over the world. There are approximately 400 scarves and more than 100 jerseys. This is a great place to meet like-minded people while travelling if you are a football fan.

If you take a football trip to Madrid, Realcafé Bernabéu, a bar located inside Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, is one special place to eat if you’re a true Real Madrid fan. This is the place where you should go for a drink and stunning views of the arena.

Get an autograph

You’ll have the chance to see top class players from the best teams so close you can almost touch them (depending on where you sit of course!) It is something to feast your eyes on, and it’s enough to get your heart beating fast.

The backstage areas of the arena, where the real matches are played, are worth exploring. Try to catch the team bus before or after the match. It’ll be a good opportunity to see your idols from a close distance and ask them for autographs or selfies.

Moreover, many stadiums offer tours as well. There you can learn more about the team’s history and the building itself, as well as witness some of the biggest past events and even discover some little-known secrets. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll meet some staff members!

What could be more exciting than the chance to witness your favourite football player? Or to visit places that are not usually open to the public on a day match?

Travelling experience

The greatest of both worlds is when a football game is combined with travel! This gives you the chance to attend with a non-football enthusiast so they may explore the local culture while you enjoy the game to the fullest! You can witness all of the action in real time and attend the event without missing any minute details. With traveling you have the opportunity to see a new arena or stadium and moreover, meet up with the fandom and try out some local cuisine, like famous paella from Valencia or the different versions of pizza in Italy. Travelling provides us with our most memorable moments, valuable lessons that we can choose to pass on to others, and our best stories. After the match, you can remain for a few more days if you would like. Therefore, you have enough time to explore the city, learn about the culture and meet some new people!

In the end, the trip is the main reason to attend matches abroad, especially with friends or family.

No age limit

Everyone can enjoy going on football trips. Whether you are a kid, a young adult or an older person, your age does not play a role. Nothing beats spending time with your kids at a game with your favourite football team. And when you have grandchildren, it’s lovely to be able to take them with you to share this special experience with them. You can go to a football trip with family, with friends or also alone. You decide with whom you want to share this experience!

What are you waiting for?

It is not just about the games when it comes to traveling, it is about the entire experience. No matter if you’re a fan or not, you should experience a live football match at least once in your life. In fact, the energy is what makes it so enjoyable – it is contagious and often what makes it so exciting. Even though you can get a taste of a sport’s fan culture on television, it’s nothing like experiencing it in person. The best thing you can combine it with traveling. So for what are you waiting for? Book your next football trip with us!

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